Heel stoppers NZ. No Sink heels

Heel Stoppers - No Sink Heels (Set of 4)

No-sink heels are specially designed to slide easily on the end of your high heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass and mud at weddings, races, concerts and other outdoor events. 

No-sink heels also provide protection for wooden floors - minimizing dents and scratches while protecting your heels against dirt and general wear and tear.The flexible material grips the heel without any damage, solid base provides an engineered surface area to prevent sinking.

No sink heels come in four different sizes buy a set of 4 and save $10.

Buy any combination of 4 by using the 'Add a Note' box at checkout.

Small        8mm          Clear / Black

Medium    10mm        Clear / Black

Large        13mm        Clear / Black

XL             17mm        Clear / Blac\\

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