The evolution of the bridal shoe – step back in time with us

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Take a moment and an elegant step back in time and check out the history of the wedding shoe, it’s importance, where it came from and some of the rich traditions it is involved in.

When you think about today’s idea of a wedding shoe we have visions of ivory silk, Swarovski Crystals and striking evening sandals, to name a few of the currently popular styles. But this has not always been the way…..

There always has to be a first:

Commonly referenced as the very first time a high heeled shoe was worn, was by Italian, Catherine de Medici – wearing a pair of high heels at her wedding day in 1533 to the future King of France, Henry, Duke of Orleans. Catherine, a pioneer of 16th century fashion, surprised and delighted the world by introducing the idea of women’s high heels (thank you Catherine!!). No surprises, the high heel was a hit, and quickly became a very fashionable item to own.

From there on there has been no stopping the heel and it's importance in the wedding day. Over the years there have been waves of popularity in the styles, colours, heel heights and detailing that we see, often influenced by powerful brides of the time - Queen Victoria, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Kate Duchess of Cambridge etc.

The wedding shoe is also part of many rich wedding traditions:

Wedding shoes have and still do play a very superstitious role in marriage ceremonies throughout the world.

In Great Britain, the well-known tradition of the bride wearing ‘something old, something new,’ originally stems from the rhyme, ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’ A silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe is a traditional good luck wedding gesture and customarily, it is the father of the bride who places the sixpence as a symbol of him wishing her prosperity, love and happiness in her marriage. – The Royal Mint.

Nordic brides are known to wear a silver coin from their fathers in the left shoe and a gold coin from their mothers in the right shoe to ensure they never go without the things they need for a happy life. - About Style

In Polish tradition brides mustn’t wear open-toed shoes – future wealth and fortune would fly right through the open toes. Showing the wrong shoe can have an impact on a marriage!

Through to more modern day traditions which sees brides adding an I do sticker or getting her 'hens' to write words of advice on the soles of the shoes .


These days wedding shoes play an important role in the brides overall look! Some brides are designing their gowns around the wedding shoes they choose, some go for a real statement shoe, others love to incorporate the classic styles and colours and some opt for a shoe that is more than a wedding shoe, something that can be worn again and again.

Whatever the reason and whatever your choice - take a moment to think about the wedding shoe, the various traditions and most importantly how it will be incorporated into your big day..

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